Security systems give many families and businesses peace of mind. Home security lighting is a rising trend utilized by home owners and businesses to help protect their valuable belongings. There are a few options when choosing security lighting to keep your home safe and free of unwanted intruders.

Dusk till Dawn security ensures that your home or business has exterior lighting at all times. Lights that are on constantly will give intruders the impression that someone is there, and they generally will stay away from your property.

Motion-activated flood lighting is another style of security lighting at your home or place of business. Motion sensors are used to detect any motion on your property. High powered flood lights turn on when the sensor catches any motion, and then turn back off.

Downward directed and shielded security lighting of medium intensity provides the best vision for outdoor lighting. In addition to the position of the security lights, controlling the glare is a major consideration. Let the professional electricians at Ott Electrical Services, Inc. install your security lighting. Call us today for a no-obligation pricing proposal that includes a 100% guarantee on labor and materials.