Family owned and operated, Ott Electrical Services, Inc. has been serving home owners and businesses in the Stow, Hudson and Kent areas for over 25 years. John Ott started the company in 1986 and has a highly experienced staff of electricians. Combined, they have over 100 years of education and experience in residential and commercial electrical service and repair.

Ott Electrical Services, Inc. – Streetsboro Electrical Repairs

At Ott Electrical Services, we take great pride in our work and in our customer’s satisfaction. We may enter someone’s Streetsboro home as a stranger, but our goal is to provide the very best in customer service so that we leave as a professional that they trust, that they know will always be there to help and advise them on the best course of action through any electrical situation. It is our mission to earn this from all our Streetsboro customers. Electrical outlets that are not working? A circuit breaker that keeps tripping? Lights that blink on their own? Whatever electrical problems you are having, the Streetsboro electricians at Ott Electrical Services can help.

Streetsboro Electrical Upgrades

If you are contemplating a major electrical remodel, the addition of a room, garage, or even a new kitchen, you should consider upgrading your Streetsboro electrical system. Adding receptacles does not increase the available power if they are looped from other receptacles. To get more power to a location the circuit should run directly from the distribution panel. Our professional electricians can help improve your Streetsboro electrical system though our quality electrical upgrades. Ott Electrical Services also offer services in electrical repairs, generators, surge protection, safety inspections, pool and hot tub wiring, and new construction electrical projects.

Streetsboro Landscape Lighting

Have you ever been downtown at night, maybe attending a concert or sporting event and were impressed with the lighting along a park walk or on a fancy office building? Most of us, at one time or another, have experienced awe, comfort, serenity or relaxation at the sight of well-designed landscape lighting. Sometimes lights pointing up at the side of a tall building or low profile lights under plants along a downtown walkway can have a very powerful effect on you. Beautiful lighting can completely change your mood and experience of events around you.

As far as our homes are concerned we tend to think about outdoor lighting in strictly practical terms. But your homes outdoor lighting can be so much more than that. It doesn’t need to be just for seeing things at night. Properly done outdoor lighting can have a beauty and charm all its own and at the same time provide nighttime safety for your walkways and garden.

The Services We Provide in Streetsboro, OH

  • Electrical Repairs
  • New Construction
  • Remodeling
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Pool/Hot Tub Wiring
  • Surge Protection
  • Generators
  • Safety Inspections
  • Electric Heating